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Terms & Conditions of Purchase

Medical Billing Course, LLC cannot be held responsible for your internet connectivity.  In order to receive our course and complete your examinations, you must have an internet connection.

Our course will operate on both PC and MAC, however facilitation of the live software training (Chapter 8) will require either a Windows OS or a Windows Parallel Program on a MAC.  The medical billing software program is a cloud based program accessed via the internet.  All chapter material and study guides are accessible via an internet connection and are not dependent upon your operating system.

Our course material is proprietary, located online and delivered immediately upon purchase. If the course is not completed within a 24 month period from the date of purchase, completion of the course may require a re-enrollment fee.  Most students, on average, complete the program in 3-6 weeks.

Our Course

Medical Billing Course, LLC provides instruction in the field of Medical Billing.  Our website provides a detailed breakdown of what is included in the course chapters on our COURSES page.  Our Home Page explains that our course will prepare you for either a career in the Medical Billing field or business ownership in the Medical Billing field.  Our course curriculum can be downloaded here.  Further information about our course, what it includes and what it does not include can be found on our FAQ page.  If you are not clear on what our course provides, please either call us for further details (888) 274-2745 or go back to these pages prior to making a purchase.  We do not provide refunds based upon "not understanding" what our course entails.  We also do not provide refunds in the event that a student has "changed their mind" about entering into the medical billing field.

Our Guarantee

Within 10 days of the date of purchase, Medical Billing Course, LLC will review a request but not be obligated to issue a refund, less processing fees, if you have not received what is advertised on our website or if the materials you have purchased have not been delivered to you within a reasonable time-frame where the fault of the delay is caused by Medical Billing Course, LLC.


A student who has completed 50% or more of their examinations is excluded from refund eligibility.

About Us

We were the very first Online Medical Billing Course Provider.  We were founded in 1999 and our courses went live, on the internet, in 2001.  Not all online courses are legitimate.  We would not be in business for 19 years if we were among those who are not legitimate.  We have thousands of graduates.  Many physician's offices require their billing staff to be CMBP certified.  Certification is not required by state, although required by many employers.