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Wivine Palmer
Wivine MedClaims Billing

Become a medical billing specialist? I never thought this was a possibility until I found a career school brochure in a local supermarket, that read, "Study at Home and Begin a New Career Working with Doctors in as Little as Four Months." I thought, "Maybe this was something I would like to try!" New to the country with a medical background, maybe it wasn't a bad idea to try out medical billing first. To do what I used to do would have required a much longer process to accomplish.

In no time, I was taking the medical billing course offered by the other company listed in the brochure. What an exciting career! Not only was the insurance world exciting for me but it was unbelievable that I could start a medical billing business with a minimal investment. As Tammy at Medical Billing says, you might invest a few thousand dollars to get started, but you could end up with a business for the rest of your life!

When I finished the course, I was determined to pursue the career. Start a home-based medical billing business, was I ready? No. For me, something was missing... electronic billing, and hands on experience with practice management software. The first course I took talked about electronic billing, but I really didn't have any idea on how the claim was sent electronically, and what a medical billing specialist job would actually entail. It was good to know how Medicaid, Medicare, and other insurance programs work, and how to fill out paper claims but would I be able to do it? Wouldn't I need to know how to actually do all those things if I wanted to be competitive with my business?

I started researching all I could find about small businesses and medical billing from the local SBDC counseling, billers organizations, magazines, forums and some business opportunities. During my research, I ended up finding medical billing which was finally what I needed to start my project! Not only was Medical Billing offering a course in medical billing, they also provided me with the opportunity to apply what I learned in the material in a fully functional practice management software program. To take it one step further, upon completion of the course, I was able to purchase their medical billing business package which also included the software program I became familiar with!

When I contacted the software vendor and told them that I had signed my first client, they were very supportive in every step to get my electronic billing going. Their customer service is unbeatable!

Of course no course will teach you everything you need to know about medical billing as this is a complex industry with many variables. If you want to own a successful medical billing business you need to continually educate yourself. The insurance world is constantly changing.

For those wishing to operate a successful home-based medical billing business, for whatever the reason, I highly recommend Medical Billing!