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Jennifer Moran
Skyline Medical Billing

Update:  Jennifer just signed a 3 doctor clinic.  She now has 4 doctor clients.

After taking a few years off to be home with my son it was time to me to go back to work.  My
husband and I met at work and I did his billing and Accounts Receivable for him.   My husband suggested that I get into medical billing because he knew I love working with numbers.

I looked at several different medical billing courses for a couple of months.  The only one I kept going back to was Medical Billing  I decided to call.  I talked to Tammy and she eased
my mind that this wasn’t an online scam and if I needed help along the way she will be there for

After talking with my husband he told me to go for it!  If you are going to do this, do it right.  I
signed up and purchased the Medical Billing Business Success Package right off the bat.  I took
my time to complete the course, reading each chapter twice.  It took me approximately 6 weeks to complete the course program. 

Upon completion of the course, I utilized my Personal Marketing Coach (Adam) and got busy with my marketing material.  Thanks to Adam and Tammy, my material LOOKS GREAT!

I signed my first client within a couple of weeks.  I had came across her practice while doing my marketing research.  Then I actually met her at a childrens birthday party of a mutual friend.  In making small talk, I told her this.  A week later she contacted me to do her billing.  She is an ND (Naturopathic Doctor).  She has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of Naturopathy and I have chosen this as my specialty!

I chose DAQbilling as my software (the software I used in my medical billing course).  I am so glad I did.   DAQbilling is easy to work in and the support staff is amazing.

Thank you to Medical Billing!  I have the freedom to take my son to school and pick him up. That is everything to me.   If you are wondering if you can do this, YES YOU CAN!  It’s amazing how far believing in yourself can take you.




Medical Billing Business Resources Guide

This is the Guide that many of our Graduates have used to gain clients in their business.

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