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Pam McLaughlin
Financial Watchdog, LLC

I was without a job for the second time in a 10 year time span, due to no fault of my own, and I vowed to never again be someone else's employee. I had worked in the corporate world for years in various accounting positions and after that in Governmental Accounting.

Having an accounting background and being a Fraud Examiner, naturally bookkeeping and fraud prevention was the logical way to go, I thought, so I did. I just really wasn't satisfied with this, however. I live in a small town and the competition was stiff in the private accounting area.

A relative, who is a doctor, asked me why I didn't do medical billing. I told him that I didn't have the knowledge needed to do that. I got to thinking about it later, though, and realized that lack of knowledge had never stopped me before, so why not obtain that knowledge?

After performing extensive research online for a medical billing course, I decided to sign up with That was one of the wisest decisions that I have ever made! I had no experience, what-so-ever with medical billing, but the course was easy to understand and I worked my way through it fairly quickly.

Once I finished the course and received my certificate, I made the decision to sign up for the Medical Billing Success Package, which included the DAQBilling software, Marketing Support, and lots more. This also has proved to be a wise decision and the support that I've gotten from Tammy Harlan, Ammie Lyons and the staff at Medical Billing Business Resources has been great!

Not only have I added medical billing to my business, I'm working on increasing my medical billing business and plan to phase out the bookkeeping and fraud prevention as I get more clients. I love this business. I received my certificate in February of this year and soon had one client and now I'm talking to a couple of more that are seriously considering signing up with me.

I highly recommend to anyone that's interested in owning and operating a Medical Billing business!