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Loreigh Baigent
BestBill Medical Billing & Accounting

My husband has had an accounting business since we met in 2007. Over the years it has grown substantially. He has always insisted that I quit my bank manager position and come work with him in his business. This sounded like an OK idea but I really wanted to join in his business by bringing something in that I've always wanted to do --MEDICAL BILLING!  Rusty, my husband, already provides accounting services to several doctors and he has been asked if he could handle billing. When he was asked again November, I took it as a sign and I set out looking for an education in Medical Billing.

I was ecstatic to find Medical Billing!  Not only do they teach you Medical Billing, they also had Medical Billing Business Success Stories on their website.

Me being the careful person that I am, I requested a list of references. They sent me 20 recent graduates and each of them who got back to me had nothing but wonderful things to say about MBC and their staff! So I signed up! Upon graduating, I bought the Medical Billing Business Success Package, got busy on my marketing and yesterday - I SIGNED MY FIRST CLIENT!

The software program I chose to use in my business is the one I used in the course.  (DAQBilling)  As a bank manager I have used several financial software programs.  I loved the look, feel and flow of DAQBilling.  I did have the opportunity but I made the personal decision to stay with what I was already comfortable with and just move forward with my marketing.

If anything were going to stand in my way in beginning a Medical Billing Business, it would have been "not having an understanding of the work involved."  This really subsided for me once I reached the final chapter of the course and was able to use a real, live medical billing software!  I actually had fun entering doctor, patient and insurance data, and even more fun entering patient charges.  But my favorite part was the "pretend payments" (EOB's) from Insurance Companies and posting those payments to the claims I generated.  My banking mind was loving it!  All the course chapters are well put together and fun to do, but the final chapter provided me with the confidence I needed to move forward.  I was sure this was what I wanted to do!

As for the staff and the support ---  PHENOMENAL!  They really go the extra mile supporting their students!

UPDATE:  I have 2 more possible clients in the making!  I attribute their interest in the Marketing Material I produced by following the steps in the Medical Billing Business Resources - A Guide to Marketing Success.  I have provided both of them with an "Office Profile" (which is included in the guide) and once I receive this back from them, I will be preparing my proposals (also included in the guide) to send to them!  I hope to submit an update to MBC soon saying that I have successfully added these two clients!  I am confident about it.

My advice to you - don't hesitate to take a course from MBC!  You don't have to start a business.  From what I learned in the course, I would feel equally as confident in applying for medical billing position.

My goal for 2017 is to obtain at least 20 clients.  I know I can do it!

I highly recommend Medical Billing!

Medical Billing Business Resources Guide

This is the Guide that many of our Graduates have used to gain clients in their business.

The Guide has been updated for 2016 and now includes customizable forms and contracts for your business.

The Guide can be purchased alone or as a part of the Medical Billing Business Success Package.

CLICK HERE to download the Package and Ala Carte Pricing Menu.

CLICK HERE to read more about Medical Billing Business Resources - A Guide to Marketing Success.