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Dawn Lawler
Advanced Business Solutions

I was faced with a challenge nine months ago when the Fitness Business I had been managing was sold. New owners, new rules, resulted in major cuts. I had some knowledge of Medical Billing because I had worked for a clinic locally in the past. I had no billing experience, I taught myself the system they were using, which was extremely intense as everyone was always too busy to offer any assistance in the learning process. My one attribute with regard to succeeding is that I have a burning desire to do my best at anything I take on.

Within weeks of my billing experience at the clinic the checks started to roll in to my amazement and everything was on target. When I was faced with the challenge of looking for a job or starting my own business I remembered through my experience at the clinic listening to the volunteer doctors who would come in regularly with the same complaint, "My biller just quit again!" All the physician's seemed to be going in the direction of outsourcing their billing for many good reasons. That reflection helped me to discover that this would be the direction I would go in. I had a longing to be my own boss and create my own destiny. I then shared the idea with my husband who, to my amazement, jumped on board.

I found and signed up. I knew it was extremely important to have a certification within the industry. The course was extremely comprehensive. The knowledge and understanding it gave allowed me to have the confidence I needed to pursue doctors. I began to call on doctors and signed my first account within 6 weeks of leaving my full-time job.

I also had another major decision to make now that I had a client, which was which software I would use in my business? I made the decision to use DAQbilling and I have been supported throughout the way with great customer service with any issue that may come about. I have been able to service my accounts with great ease and confidence due to the partnership of and Daqbilling.

With the support of Daqbilling and the knowledge I attained from I recently secured my fourth account. A great feature is I can service just about any specialty of medicine because the software can accommodate this. I have been able to get my doctors paid promptly and with ease and confidence.

I personally recommend and DAQbilling for those wishing to own/operate a successful medical billing business.