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Fernando Medical BillerFernando Samudio
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Update:  Fernando now has 3 clients.

I wanted to make a career change after spending several years working for the federal government.  I wanted to look for a career that would allow me to control my direction and the amount of money I make based on how hard I work instead of how many years of service (government work).  

After reading several different websites that offered Medical Billing Certification I chose the Medical Billing Course from Medical Billing because of the ease of use and the depth of the material.  I also found the customer service to be excellent.  I had several questions during the completion of the course material and a representative always responded the same day and sometimes even after normal business hours.

When I completed the course I still was on the fence regarding starting my own Medical Billing Business. After speaking with Tammy and listening to her advice I decided to take a chance and go all in and start my own Medical Billing Business.  I can say now that I am so happy that I listened to Tammy because with her advice and guidance I was able to secure my 1st client within 3 weeks of sending out my first business flyer (only a week after completing the course program).  Two days later I was already speaking to another potential client.

So, I look forward to a very prosperous year in the Medical Billing Business.  The only regret I have is not starting sooner.




Medical Billing Business Resources Guide

This is the Guide that many of our Graduates have used to gain clients in their business.

The Guide has been updated for 2015 and now includes customizable forms and contracts for your business.

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