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Mary Ann Craig
Piedmont Medical Billing Solutions, LLC

Medical Billing was the last thing on my mind, a few years ago.

For 82 years and three generations of Craig's, my family has owned a car dealership. I had "many hats to wear" within the dealership. I was Director of Finance, Rebate Claims Administrator and Human Resources. The automobile business was all I ever new, then one day we decided it was time to sell. The business had become very large and stressful. I took some time off to unwind and to figure out what I wanted to do next in my life. I knew I wanted to own my own business, I just didn't know what field to pursue.

I truly believe that God's way of being anonymous is through coincidence. I saw a flyer in the mail about Medical Billing and decided to pursue this. I took a course that was good but it was teaching me things I didn't need at that time. After I finished the course, they said I was ready to market my business. Oh no I wasn't!

I searched the internet on Medical Billing Courses and came across a book by Paul Hackett which lead me to Medical Billing and Tammy Harlan. This is exactly what I needed!! This course walked me through, one step at a time, giving me advice, internet searches and also a good bit of humor. It was like this woman (Tammy Harlan) was sitting here with me as I was taking the course. I am telling you, this woman could see my fear and feel my pain! She was very honest in her approach of what to expect about this career choice and the integrity that would go along with it. At the end of each chapter she gave encouraging quotes and a list of information for helping me to start my own business. The course shows you how to incorporate your homework into live medical billing software. It's just like you had already started your own business. Medical Billing Course gives you access to their very own forum so you can discuss with other up and coming medical billers.

This has been a very exciting time in my life. Being a Medical Biller gives me the freedom to work when I want to and still have a nice income. This also gives me a chance to be more with family and friends. I am in training for a 10k marathon in Charleston, SC. at the end of March. I love to cook and garden and go out to eat.

Anyone that is interested in Medical Billing should get involved with this course. I would not have been able to be successful without all their help. You need people around you that know what they are talking about in this business. They will give you the encouragement that you need to succeed with the integrity that goes along with it!