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Adella Cordova
Doctor's Choice Medical Billing

"First, let's get you passed this fear," she said.

I purchased Medical Billing Course in hopes of fulfilling my dream of working for myself someday. I didn't have any medical billing experience prior to this course and my background was in Land Development. I always knew that one day I would work for me. Needless to say, my biggest obstacle was fear. I spoke with Tammy Harlan at Medical Billing Course prior to my purchase and explained to her how nervous and afraid I was because I just wasn't sure that "this" would work for me.

"First, let's get you passed this fear," she said. I couldn't help feeling a little taken back because in our conversation we were actually addressing my fear and other concerns I had prior to even talking about me purchasing the course. I ended up purchasing the course and found it to be full of great information and instruction. An easy read and filled with so much knowledge. I finished the course and purchased a Success Package and my lifelong dream, Doctor's Choice Medical Billing was born. All of the fear I initially had turned into excitement because I was well on my way to contracting with my first physician.

Although still a little nervous I jumped in and started marketing and learning as much as I could about medical billing.

My first two doctors signed a contract with me within two weeks of marketing. But in my opinion, signing my first client is not the whole success story. I believe my success story to be working past my fear and following my dream. My success story is simply this, I surrounded myself with people who had "been there done that" and didn't mind holding my hand when I had to borrow courage from them to help me through this process. Not only did I have excellent instruction through Medical Billing Course but my software is top notch. My husband and biggest fan is the fuel that keeps me reaching for new heights and is also one of the biggest contributors to my current success.

I thank God and am very blessed to be the owner of a medical billing business but even more blessed to have such wonderful people to depend on and consult with on a daily basis. The networking and billing centers I have met through out the years at conference time and on the phone are truly a vital piece of this business and some of the most generous people I know. "If you don't know the answer, one of your fellow billing centers will and they are just a phone call away." In the beginning, one billing center in particular took me under her wing and offered me her help unconditionally. Not only did she have a fabulous Texas accent but she is my angel and friend. These are the type of people you meet within our medical billing family.

Now that I have gotten past my fear and am able to confidently market my business to any physician at anytime, I can honestly tell you that dreams do to come true. It will happen for you too just as it did for me.

Think positive, be courageous and get excited, focus and make your dream come true, it is all within your reach if you really want it.