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Nancy Browner
eliable Billing Solutions, LLC

Sterling, Colorado was a quiet, safe and secure environment for me, then it happened. Our business office was closed when a large company bought the hospital and everything was centralized to Greeley. Going to Greeley was not an option, it was a two hour drive, so I took another leap and went to a hospital in Sidney, Nebraska as the Manager of their Business Office and Admissions. I have always wanted to do billing on my own, but never really knew how to start. Sidney was what I needed, the controller at the hospital had a sister-in-law that had her own billing center for 9 years and I began talking with her. Things got really bad at the hospital between my boss and I and that was the push that I needed to get off my chair and get out on my own.

I started searching for a medical billing course and after looking at several I decided to go with Medical Billing because they had a wide variety of topics, not just filling in the claim. I have been in billing for 12 years and the course for me was a refresher in the beginning. Sometimes you forget things after several years and the rest of the course was good training since I have been doing billing for the last 10 years for hospitals. Tammy Harlan talked with me about software and answered any questions I had regarding any issue. It was great to have such a resource in her and her staff.

I began my business May and started marketing in June. I will never forget the day I started marketing because it was the day before my birthday. I stayed up until 2 AM that morning to make sure everything was correct. I told the kids we could not go to Water World until my marketing packets were sent out. It was a long night that really paid off because I gained 9 appointments from my first mailing which resulted in signing 2 clients. At the same time my marketing support director instructed me to put together a press release. I did and the local paper was doing a special insert into the paper on "Women in Business". I ended up getting a half page article with a picture and signed 2 Occupational Therapists from this article. One located here in Sterling and the other located 2 hours away in Denver.

I signed 3 clients my first month and then I have added a client every 2 months after that. I have to admit having 3 clients all at once was a challenge, but a welcomed one!

Make sure you make the most of every situation and opportunity to get your name out there. My 5th client was signed off the article as well. The client did not see the article, they overheard someone talking to me about the article. Their son played soccer with my son this year and we were at dinner celebrating a win. They approached me about billing and we set a meeting and the rest is history.

My 6th client was just signed last week. I met his receptionist at a Medicaid meeting and we started talking about billing. I gave her my card and took her information. When I returned to my office I sent her information and called 4 times with no return call. Two months later they called me back because they lost money in Medicaid claims. Right now I am getting clients from word-of-mouth referrals given by my existing clients as well as meetings that I am attending.

One of my Occupational Therapist clients knows of a college that is interested in our company and we are excited that client number 7 will be contracting with us soon. I could never have imagined in 8 months gaining 6 clients with the possibility of 7 soon!

The best thing about doing this is the family time I have now compared to my 60 to 65 hour weeks working for someone else. I have 2 children in high school this year, my daughter Nikki is 15 (a freshman) and my son Andrew will be 17 next month (a sophomore).

I have no regrets with my decision to take the Medical Billing Course at Medical Billing and starting my own business!  I highly recommend Medical Billing to anyone who wants to work in the Medical Billing Field, whether it be from home or in a doctor's office or hospital.