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The Medical Billing Business Marketing Resource Guide

Getting Clients For Your Medical Billing Business

This is the instruction guide followed by many of our Successful Medical Billing Business owners.

The first four chapters tells my story about beginning a Medical Billing Business in the corner of my bedroom.  It was my desire to be able to stay at home with my children, while also bringing in a good income.

The first four chapters also deals with the fear of beginning a business and my advice on how best to put this in perspective and utilize it for success.

The Marketing Agenda 

This portion of the guide will take you through 12 easy steps of branding, naming and defining your business and services.  At the end of these 12 steps, your Marketing Material has been produced and you are ready for your first mailing!

MANY of our Students have gone on to Successful Medical Billing Business Ownership by following the instruction in this guide.

But the guide doesn't stop at Marketing!

Read the Table of Contents below to see what else is included in this (over 300 page) valuable guide. 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  The Fear Factor

Chapter 2:  In the Beginning There Was Motivation

Chapter 3:  Frustration is the Mother of Invention

Chapter 4:  Fake It Until You Make It

Marketing Agenda for the Medical Billing Business

The Basics

Step 1:    What Are Your Competitors Doing?

Step 2:    Choose Your Market

Step 3:    Research Specific Competition

Step 4:    Dissect the Competition/Information

Step 5:    Specialty Forums/Discussion Boards

Step 6:    Define Your Services

Step 7:    Produce Your Material

Step 8:    Choose One Marketing Medium and Perfect It

Step 9:    Choose a Distribution Medium

Step 10:  Cold Calling

Step 11:  Internet Discussion Forums/Continuing Education

Step 12:  You are Marketing - The Benefits of Selling Benefits

Sample Documents

Medical Billing Business Press Release

Client Office Profile

Client Proposal/Letter of Engagement

Medical Billing Business Contract

New Client Registration

Articles - Marketing Your Medical Billing Business

Why Doctor's Should Outsource Their Billing

Relinquishing Control of In-House Billing

Medical Billing Services Save Healthcare Practices Time & Money

Don't Undervalue Yourself!

Marketing Your Medical Billing Business 

How to Win Friends and Influence Physicians

Tips for Designing Your Brochure

Honey, I Shrunk the Company - Market or Perish

Cold Calls

The 3 Essentials for Success

Articles - Medical Billing Procedure

Client Data Conversion

Setting Provider Fees

The Office Manager and Billing Reports

The Magic of Modifiers

Avoid These on Claims Submitted to Carriers

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

The EOB Says "Bundled" - Now What?

Modifier 25 - The OIG Hasn't Lost Its Edge

Collecting Self-Pay Balances

Successful Insurance Reimbursement

Most Common Medical Bill Coding Errors

Articles - Medical Billing Business Miscellaneous

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Stress for Less - Tips to Organize Your Time

Effective Leadership:  Do You Have What it Takes?

Increasing Collections and Reducing Denials

Professional Courtesty - It's Just Bad Business

How the Affordable Care Act will Help Your Medical Billing Business Thrive

Medical Billing Business Stories

Client Testimonials

Physician Specialties and Descriptions

Third Party Medical Billing Compliance Guidelines (OIG)

Business Contracts and Office Forms

Client Daysheet  (includes customizable .docx file)

Sample Daysheet  (includes customizable .docx file)

Service Charge Form  (includes customizable .docx file)

Patient Payment Sheet  (includes customizable .docx file)

Billing Office Information Sheet  (includes customizable .docx file)

Billing Center Associate Agreement (HIPAA)  (includes customizable .docx file)

Group NPI Form  (includes customizable .xls file)

Individual NPI Form  (includes customizable .xls file)

Billing Center Contract 1  (includes customizable .docx file)

Billing Center Contract 2  (includes customizable .docx file)

Sample Brochures and Flyers

All About Claims Appeals

The Value of just one of the Billing Center Contracts ALONE is $2500.00!

The Medical Billing Business Resources Guide is a .pdf E-Book with many CLICKABLE LINKS to explore while you are learning!

The Steps in the Medical Billing Business Resource Guide have been followed by many who have successfully gained clients for their businesses using the Marketing Method taught!

The Medical Billing Business Resource Guide comes with Customizable Word and Excel Documents.

Investment:  $290.00


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