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Why earn your nationally recognized CMBP (Certified Medical Billing Professional) designation?  No other Medical Billing Course or designation available can prepare you for a career in Medical Billing or Medical Billing Business Ownership like we can. Why? Because your instruction comes from Medical Billing Professionals and Business Owners. Other courses hire staff, train them on the material and send them off to medical billing employee instruct you! Not us.

We not only teach you medical billing, we provide you with actual hands on experience by having you use what you have learned and apply it in a fully functional medical billing software. You will be entering patient data, posting charges and payments, running reports and creating CMS 1500 forms. No other course provides this level of instruction.

Our students love our course because they actually apply what they learn, allowing the student to understand and retain the material.  This method of training provides the student with the confidence they need to be successful in this field.


"Chapter 7 taught me a lot. It glued all the information together from Chapters 1-6. There's no better way learning medical billing other than hands-on training. I now have a better and clearer understanding of entering data, generating claims, posting payments & running reports!"

-Romika Perez
Medical Billing Course Student


medical billing guaranteeFeatures

  • Study at Your Own Pace
  • Study Online or Away from Computer
  • Telephone, 24 Online & Email Support Provided
  • Take Exams Online
  • * Medical Billing Training Software Included
  • Certified Medical Billing Professional (CMBP) Designation
  • Extensive Internet Resources
  • Interactive, Online CMS 1500 Form (for practice)
  • * Free Registration when you purchase a bundled program
  • * Medical Billing Course Student References
  • * Free Medical Billing Newsletter
  • * Your Instructors are Medical Billing Professionals and Business Owners
  • * Most Comprehensive Medical Billing Course Available (you will be performing the actual day-to-day functions of a medical biller using live software).
  • Your examinations are graded by a human instructor and not an examination program.  This is important because incorrect answers can be elaborated on by your grading instructor.  A self-running examination program cannot provide this.

* indicates features not provided by any other course


Some of Our Endorsements

BC Advantage reviews: Medical Billing Course.comBC Advantage Magazine reviews Medical Billing
Click here.

Voted #1 Medical Billing Course by Paul Hackett of Stelo Enterprises, Medical Billing Business & Information Professional.
Click here.

MEDICAL  BILLING HOME-STUDY COURSE is a comprehensive program for those interested in a career in Medical Billing. This at-your-own- pace course covers every aspect imaginable! (the Clerical Connection review)
Click here.

Every medical billing staff member I hire is required to take the Medical Billing Course.  I've been in this industry a very long time and this course, is by far the very best in "Medical Billing Practical Hands On Training!"

---  David Ernst
Ernst Medical Billing & Management
Medical Billing Business Owner


A Word of Warning!
By Theresa Gambuchi, Medical Billing Course Graduate
If you are looking for a medical billing course and you are as confused as I was at all the different courses out there, I'd like to save you some time, money and heartache!
Before I found this course, I had already taken another course which I found online.  The other course threw in so many subjects that I would never use in this field, but being new, I had no idea that they didn't know what I needed to learn, so I signed up!  The other course took me many months to complete and although I received good grades, I felt I was no closer to my goals than before I began the course.  When I called a representative from the other course and told them about my frustration, they had nothing to offer me.  In fact, they didn't seem to have a clue about the medical billing field whatsoever!  (this is a course who appears to be very credible on their website)
I almost gave up until one night, when I decided to search the internet and I found Medical Billing  I called one of the students from the Student Success Story area and we spoke for almost an hour!  I learned more in that one hour about just how realistic my goals were...   than I did in the many months of training with the other course!  She assured me that Medical Billing was the right course for me and that I shouldn't give up my dreams just because I took a bad course.  I followed her advice, signed up for Medical Billing and I'm so glad I did!
This course is incredible, the staff are highly knowledgeable and super helpful, and I'm happy to report that I am well on my way to achieving my goals!
My advice...  don't look any further than Medical Billing  Watch for me in the "Student Success Story" area.  I'll be there soon!



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